Call of Duty: Warzone Guide with Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most talked-about games in recent times. With a successful COD franchise behind the name, COD: Warzone has ticked all the boxes for a first-person shooter game. Due to such popularity, a lot of new players want to become a professional in this game. But mastering Warzone in a short period is almost impossible. However, we have got some Warzone cheats & hacks for you to become a better player quickly. Let’s take a glance at a few of them.

Kill before you land

Every player has a long time before they jump and land on the ground. Warzone gives you a great way to kill this time. You can, when in the air, attack your opponents as you see them. As the team jumping with you will land near you, killing opponents in the air will give you a huge advantage to start with.

Killing the opponent in the air is tricky, as you can also be killed from above, but it is worth taking the chance. As you kill an opponent in the air, you already get a kill before the game has started. However, do not forget to open your parachute on time when you are engrossed in the fight.

Share the loot

Loot is the most crucial thing in the Warzone. It consists of the weapons and armor that you can use in the game. Generally, killing an opponent gives good loot. Another way of getting loot is through dropbox. In Warzone, there is a box that contains a considerable amount of loot, and it falls at a random place.

Sharing the loot with your teammates is also necessary. There are two simple reasons for it. Firstly, you don’t have infinite storage, so you can’t take it all for sure. Secondly, if your teammates have fewer resources, you will soon be trapped and, all of you would die. Hence, sharing the loot is crucial to maintain balance.

Don’t save, invest

The economy is core to COD: Warzone. As the amount of money you are going to get is random, you should keep in mind to pick up as much money as possible throughout the game. But, holding on to a massive amount of money is also not a wise thing. You must invest in weapons, damage, and armor to upgrade yourself constantly.

While money is not going to win you games, you should invest in your resources properly. Warzone has several upgrades and it is crucial to take advantage of them. Investing properly can turn you into a beast too difficult to stop.

Know your map

Like every first-person shooter game, Warzone is also played on some specific maps. Knowing about maps is something without which you can’t expect to win. As you move ahead in the game, you will often get stuck. In those times, knowledge of maps helps.

By knowing the map, you can safeguard yourself from multi-directional attacks. Also, you can reach a destination quicker than your opponents. Knowing maps also helps in breaking the defence of opponents as you catch them off-guard. To get better at Warzone quickly, you should dedicatedly study your map.

Update your in-game settings

This is a greatly underrated way to get better at Warzone. Like play style, in-game settings are also specific to players. If your game is lagging, you should switch off the shadows and other RAM-consuming properties of your game.

You must also tweak audio and video settings. Some players like the audio to be low and doing that is not a crime. While playing a game, it is essential to be in a comfortable space, and changing in-game settings provides you just that.

Complete contract tasks

While you are deeply immersed in the competition and in no mood to spare your opponents, you should always complete contract tasks whenever possible. Completing contract tasks will give you rewards. These rewards can range from money to upgrades.

Completing contract tasks will also help you get some really cool upgrades that can enhance your gameplay significantly. So, don’t shy away when you have the chance to complete one.

Drop smartly

The whole game of Warzone revolves around dropping and playing. Dropping at the right place is crucial to having a good game. Sometimes players jump at a particular position only.

This strategy may backfire at times. You have to analyze the number of teams jumping in your area—the more the number of teams, the more the competition, and the higher the chance of getting killed. So, you need to be flexible when you jump to survive for a decent amount of time.

Following these tips consistently will help you get better at COD: Warzone quickly. Let us know in the commnets if you have any suggestions about the game. And of course, we welcome your tips too!

Photo: Activision/Infinity Ward / USAT.
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