Google Testing “People Also View” Swipe Up Cards for the Users

All search and productivity applications thrive to do better each day. Bringing up new and unique features for its users to make their application as user friendly as it can get and also catchy enough to make it appealing. However, updates are made almost regularly as the technology is evolving so fast and so the social media and Tech Giants have to keep up.

One of the most recent upgrades in its search application, was by Google who introduced a very convenient feature for their users.

According to 9to5G, Google recently made changes and redesigned their internal browser. The feature is called “People also view” which is a swipe up card. When you swipe up from the home page of your Google, this new feature will show you articles related and similar to the one you have recently searched. What it means is that it will take the most recent search from your search history or discover and put all the related articles in the “people also view” part, so that when you swipe up it is easier for you to go through articles deciding which one you want to read, and you will not have to go through the hassle of searching and opening each and every link as all articles will come up in the form of cards.

While this is only available for some Android users currently, this means that Google is still deciding and testing on this feature. A similar looking feature was also introduced by Google back in 2017 when Google tested this idea on a selected number of users, but that feature never officially rolled out. However, things look different for this version because Google dropped off its Chrome custom tabs last year and then introduced this under testing, which does say that Google might be serious for this.

However, the feature is still only available to some users with Google app beta version 12.4 and none of the newer versions of Google have received this, says that Google is a little indecisive right now.

What we think is that this new feature will do wonders for the public. It would conveniently make searching for articles a lot easier. You will have to search for one article and then just swipe up and all the related articles will come up. How cool is that! Will make things so easier. What Google decides about this feature will obviously come out in a few weeks and we will surely be here to keep you updated.

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