Google Chrome Working Towards a Possible Google Reader Inspired Feature

Chrome is without any doubt one of the most used browser on mobile phones used by people from all around the globe to search their queries or to keep up with the latest trends and information. Considering this, Google brings about changes in Chrome every now and then so that the space is easier to use for the users as well as becomes a safe space for the community.

One of Google’s main features is to show you related articles similar to you have shown interest in during the following search and pop them up on your Google’s Discover Feed in New Tab Page and now the company is planning on making this feature more updated. Google is now working towards making a better way to suggest stories and recommend content by introducing a “Follow” button.

It was recently discovered by ChromeStory that a “Follow” button has recently emerged on the overflow menu which is accessible on clicking the three dots present on right hand side of the search menu. Along with that there is an initial prompt which that notifies users of its existence.

But this feature is not available for everyone currently. Even though this feature is not live yet it still pops up on a limited amount of people’s search page while a majority cannot see it yet. This means that Google is still indecisive about this feature and it is still under testing conditions so there might be a possibility that if it does not make it to permanency some of you may never even see it.

Initially there is no feature flag for the respected feature that you have to use in order for it work and it is also not yet revealed what the feature does because only the “Follow” button has emerged on some people’s search pages, it does not have a functionality as of yet but Chrome Story thinks that Google might be experimenting with RSS reader functionality to surface stories from sources that you follow. In the end all the real answers of what the feature actually does will be answered by the Tech Giant itself till then all we can do is make the most possible of guesses.

However, it is great to see huge Tech Giants always taking their users suggestion and working towards making their application a safe and user friendly space by bringing about changes and introducing new features every few months. Google has given us some impeccable features in the past and we cannot wait to see what this new and all the features introduced in the future will do. Till then stay tuned.

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