Most Child abuse images are reported on Facebook than any other social media platform in the year 2020

Facebook has billions of active users monthly in which most of the users are teenagers who use this platform on their parent’s mobile phones or some of them have their own phones. Most of them don’t even know how to maintain their privacy and share their videos and images with other friends. Unfortunately, in the year 2020, Facebook has become such a platform where over 20 million child abuse images have been shared, however, these cases cover Instagram as well as the main site of Facebook, more than any other social media platform. We cannot say that it is due to the lack of supervision of their parents but somehow, Facebook is responsible for it because of the lack of appropriate policies and its implementation. The sharing of such images has been increasing day by day.

Many criminals are sharing the child abuse content online on this platform according to the report of National Council for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Facebook also confirmed these figures in the month of January. What is even worst is Facebook is not only at the top of the list but also its number of cases is 35 times higher than the second number company Google. This shows that the criminals are considering these platforms as their safe place to do crime where there is no one to catch them. These cases are even more than 31% than the year 2019. These numbers can even worst in the coming years if are not controlled at the right time. Facebook should make some harsh policies to deal with this matter which can also take many lives of children if their images are shared on the platform.

Facebook has said that it has proactive policies and technology to catch such images and automatically remove the child exploitation material. Further, the spokesperson of Facebook said that we are continuously trying our best to take down such images before these images are even reported as our technology has the power to remove 99% of the images before the reports. Google comes at second number in the list with the majority of cases in number 546,704. Snapchat is on the third number with 144,095 cases. Microsoft is at 4th number with 96,776. Omegle is at 5th number.

Facebook said in a blog post that it is building a new tool to track and take down the child exploitation material which can reduce the number of cases up to great extent. This tool has identified that most of the material that was shared on the platform was old material which is re-shared by the criminals. Further, the copy of just six videos is responsible for the whole content, while the data shows that the number of contents does not match the number of victims. Vulnerable children did not get any help and what is even worst there was the demand for such content on Livestream at that time. There is still no law in the US to force such platforms to proactively search out child exploitation material.

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