Twitter is planning to roll out a new safety-mode feature, from which users will be able to autoblock and mute those accounts which are abusive

During an Analyst day presentation, Twitter has revealed that it is planning to introduce an anti-troll feature which is called safety-mode. Many people are worried about abusive accounts which are made to troll other people. Every single day, people create new accounts which are abusive, in order to troll and bother other people. With the help of this new feature, abusive accounts will automatically be detected and blocked. However, Twitter has not revealed the launch date of this feature, just said that this feature still in the development stage and will roll out soon.

Users will receive a notification when their accounts are getting some negative attention from other users. Users will need not worry about the negative attention of other people and simply can turn on the safety mode which will automatically detect and block such accounts which break the rules of Twitter and using humiliation, harsh language, and hateful remarks. You can turn this option off as well. People will no need to report such accounts, this feature will be capable of detecting those accounts which are acting offensive or spammy towards the other users. Twitter wants to make this a peaceful platform where people can connect with other people in a good manner and learn something new, run their business, so there is no place for those users whose aim is to humiliate or troll other people as there have been many events on Twitter where thousands of users gather to troll other accounts, celebrities, etc.

This feature will limit the account for seven days to participate with the users and will show the replies to only specific accounts, and will send the notification to the phone number of users that this feature is dealing with the negative attention. Twitter has not announced an exact day for the launch of this safety mode.

Twitter is aiming to reduce the number of abusive accounts and trying to kick those users who are misusing the social media platforms and breaking rules every single day. Currently, this feature enables the users to hide other people’s replies and allows the users who can tweet to your post. The company has also some automated tools as well which can remove abusive tweets from the platform and Twitter said that in the year 2019, this feature is capable of removing more than 50 percent of the abusive tweets before it even reported by other users.

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