Twitter Is Expanding Its DM Voice Messaging In More Regions

While some people do not like sending and listening to the voice notes or voice messages that are sent in their private messages, it is a savior for majority of those that hate typing. Obviously, do you know how long it takes to type out the exact second by minute scenario to your best friend about a certain scene that happened because oh well you both need to update each other about everything that goes in your life. Or simply sending a voice message on your project group chat to discuss things makes life a lot easier. Also, no matter how much you deny, voice messages send the exact emotions and clear cut conversations across without any misunderstandings which can occur through typed messages.

So while, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger all had a voice messaging option, the one social media application that did not was Twitter.

Twitter did introduce a voice tweeting option as of last year in June, where tweeters could update a voice tweet and others could reply with a voice tweet as well. However, Twitter decided to change things this year. A news came through, that Twitter will now be testing the possibility of giving users the option of sending a voice message through their Twitter’s DM. You can send a voice DM to an already existing chat or start a new conversation with somebody, but each voice message will only be of 140 seconds long.

The test feature is being made currently available for Android and iOS users only however, you can listen to a received voice message through your web also, but cannot send one through the web. The countries in which the test feature will initially be introduced are India, Brazil, and Japan starting Wednesday, February 17, and the availability of the feature will be made available in a similar manner.

Sending a voice message on Twitter is not a hard job. All you will have to do is if you are an Android user is to tap on the icon representing the voice messaging and start speaking and then tap on the icon again to stop the message. You can listen to the message before sending it as well. While for the Apple users, they will have to press and hold the voice icon to send a message and then swipe up and release the icon to send the message once done talking.

According to Twitter, this will give users an easier and more human experience to get their messages across and will save them time from typing and make communications in Twitter DM easier while on the go. As to when this feature will permanently be implemented and made available throughout the world has not been said, but we will be here to update you whenever that happens.

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