Facebook introduces new resources to help ad marketers prepare for the upcoming challenges they will have to face due to Apple’s new updates

Apple’s IDFA is a resettable device identifier for advertisers, that is installed into a user’s iOS device, it contains the users ID and is used to track their activities in apps. Apple is yet to install more changes into this. Apple and Facebook are not really on good terms with Apple coming up with new updates affecting with app’s audience interactivity and especially with Apple’s new updates to allow users to either grant permission for in app tracking or deny it. Of course with Apple’s IDFA, Facebook had to look for ways that doesn’t affect with the apps working. Now the social media giant has updated about its resource pages that can help app marketers deal with these new IDFA changes that Apple is set to release soon and has even warned them of the losses they can face due to these changes.

The new IDFA changes will include in app pop ups alerts allowing their users to either allow their data tracking from that specific app or to deny it. Of course many users will not allow their information to get tracked all the time by such apps to protect their privacy and this will cause a huge loss for the ad marketers, it will affect because when apps won’t be able to track the users activity they won’t be able to see the kind of stuff they are interested in and then relatable ads won’t be able to reach out to them.

To help recover from such losses, Facebook is all set to launch a new site that will showcase many alternate options for these ads marketers and for its Audience Network partners that will in some ways cover up their losses. It will be providing tips to help with better promotion of ads and increasing the selling and posting of products. Facebook has been seen motivating these ad marketers to think beyond the box and come up with alternative ways. Facebook is also planning to launch a new Blueprint Course on this along with the Audience Network to provide people how to come up with alternate strategies and this is still on the works as of now.

Last year Facebook predicted that these ad posting channels will face a loss of about 50%.

Even though it is not quite clear how IDFA and its updates will impact on such apps but Facebook is on the frontline here by already coming up with backup plans, doing its best to prepare its ad marketers to face these soon to come hurdles.

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