Microsoft Edge has introduced a new feature to protect its users from irritating message requests from websites, plus, a new ‘’Kids Mode’’ is also coming

Microsoft is considering the security of the children while browsing because the children need a safe environment to browse the website to learn something. Because there are many cases in which the children have been harassed online and their data is being leaked, and many other cases of child abuse. Parents are very concerned about the security of their children, therefore, Microsoft considering all the matters is added a new 'Kids Mode' in the Microsoft Edge to keep the children safe at all times while browsing any website.

Microsoft said that the reason for launching this mode is parents cannot have control over their children at all times, and children are very careless about browsing so that they can unintentionally click any suspicious or unknown link, due to which their data can be hacked. This mode is specially created for kids between the age of 5 to 12 years. When you make this mode enabled, your children can have access to very limited websites including Bing Safe Search, child-friendly content, and other types of family-friendly content websites.

What is good about this mode is you do not need to separately setup or install windows family mode or any other parental control software, instead you can simply go to the profile button and turn on the ‘’Kids Mode’’ and keep your children safe all time while browsing.

The other feature, which Microsoft has introduced in Microsoft Edge is adaptive notification requests because many people are getting frustrated from message requests of the websites. However, this feature will provide you 'Notification Block' option in the address bar, if you turn this on, you will receive no notification until users want to accept the notification request, they can click the bell icon to accept the request. Many people were irritated due to the prompt message requests and were complaining about these annoying requests. Only a few people are accepting the message request, and many people don’t even know how to turn on this feature, to resolve this issue, Microsoft has launched an adaptive notification request feature in the Microsoft edge 88, in which you can find the option of either full prompt or silent request based on the data from actual users choices.

Microsoft is actually using a scoring system to maintain the balance between full prompt and quiet requests, based on the scoring system in which is the score is higher means that the level of irritation of the user is high, similarly, if the level of score is low, which means that user is not annoyed by the prompts. Microsoft based on the score level of its users will automatically adjust the settings of a message request.

Microsoft will disable the quiet request feature by default when the users block the request three times in a row while steering different websites, quiet requests will be enabled by the Microsoft Edge.

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