According to CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter is testing a feature to let the users receive payments and tips from their followers

Every day Twitter is exploring new features to benefit its users and pages through different means. The is a way to engage more traffic to a platform. This is a time Twitter has decided to also give benefits to the users especially in the COVID-19 pandemic where people cannot go out, even many people have lost their jobs. Twitter is trying its best to offer sources and features to help people earn money while sitting at home. Just like Facebook decided to stay with journalists to publish their news and earn money while working from home. This is a good way to offers a kind of incentives to their users.

Twitter has millions of monthly active users from all over the world, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey wants its users to take benefit from their platform. the CEO said that this feature which is being tested will help the social media platform to earn money will increase engagement, and this will give economic incentives to the people who are contributing to Twitter.

Twitter not only wants to give incentives to its users, but the main focus of Twitter is to generate its revenue from different sources because it does not want to rely on a single source of income which is selling advertisements. Twitter wants to diversify its revenue by introducing a concept of tipping from users and man new features just like content subscriptions that would generate a lot of income for the company in near future.

Twitter said that on Tuesday that it is not sure whether the plan of offering subscriptions will work successfully until the next year, if the company gets good revenue from these plans it would definitely go with it, otherwise the company is already selling advertisements.

Jack Dorsey further said that this feature could help the social media platform to earn money from its users and will increase the engagement from the base of 192 million daily active users who are ready to make payments. Twitter wants its users to create a long type of content, therefore, Twitter purchased newsletter start-up Revue.

Twitter not only want to just earn its money but it also want to create an opportunity for the people who are standing with the platform, Twitter would definitely help them out to provide the economic benefits in the near future.

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