Twitter has introduced its own version of Emojis called Twemoji and has also added this to their Fleet stories as well

Emojis were first released to the world in 1990 on Microsoft and Window’s platform, they got much recognition when they got included into smartphones and systems, since then there has been no looking back in the world of texting and for people to express their feelings without them! iOS and Android operating systems came with their own version of Emojis as well as Emojis in the form of the user’s avatar. Different social media platforms also came up with their own versions of Emojis, now its Twitter’s turn. Twitter has its own line of Emojis named Twemoji! And as the name tells, the emoticons are just as cute too!

Snapchat was the first social media platform to have stories in the app, through which people can engage with their friends and family by uploading random pictures and videos. Snapchat also was the first to come with the unique concept of adding filters with their camera option and that made the whole world go crazy over them. Following Snapchat was Instagram that too came up with Insta stories and even though people thought they wouldn’t go that much but Instagram proved them wrong and had a huge hit over their Insta stories, just like Snapchat filters Instagram too came up special effect filters that is still in trend. Following these too were also Facebook and Whatsapp.

Just like every top social media apps are mentioned above having the feature of stories; let’s take a look at Twitter with the feature too! Twitter recently released their own version of stories on the site called as ‘Fleets’ but that is without the filters and special AR effects. Twitter has now introduced Twemoji with their Fleets and has added a new stickers tray displaying them. It even presents the users with a search option so that they can search for their related Twemoji to go with their story with ease. The Twemoji will simply help users to display their moods with the Fleet’s frame.

With Twitter being the last one in line to catch up with the stories feature, different platforms already are way too many steps ahead with coming up with more effects and filters. The team over at Twitter is working hard to come up with new templates and visual tools for Fleet. The Twemojis added of course cannot be added and it is completely up to the user to choose from their own system’s Emojis but adding the Twemoji will give the users’ stories a more enhanced look by making them look visually pleasing as well!

Twitter is working tirelessly behind to provide their users with new tools and space for Fleet and even though they were a little late with this business everyone is sure that Twitter will take the high road as always!

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