New Voice Activation Feature Might Be Facebook’s Response to Apple's Siri

Voice activated virtual assistants as well as other kinds of features that can be activated through your voice have become really commonplace in the industry. From Siri to Alexa to Google Assistant, all of these features can be activated using voice prompts which is great because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing users to take advantage of them without having to touch their phones. This can be especially useful while you are driving, so it’s the kind of thing that other companies have started offering as well.

Facebook has been really expanding its horizons and trying to take advantage of its dominant position in one industry to start offering competition to major corporations in various other industries. The company has already released a series of smart devices with the Portal series, and while these devices have not really caught on yet Facebook is clearly still working on them in the hopes that widespread adoption will be possible at some point and one update that Facebook is adding which could potentially prove to be a game changer is the new voice activation feature which can be utilized by saying “Hey Facebook”.

It is important to note that this could end up providing some stiff competition to the likes of Siri as well as other voice activated services and assistants. Facebook is a massive company with a social media product that has become a mainstay in most people’s lives, and a thoroughly integrated system offered by the use of Portal devices will be rather influential and this has become even more likely now that this voice activation feature has been added into the mix thereby making more people interested in such products in the first place.

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