Twitter has confirmed to test new business models including subscriptions and some other paid feature in the year 2021 to diverse its revenue generation

Twitter has decided not to rely on a single source of income which is an advertisement, therefore Twitter is continuously testing some other features like Subscription and some other paid features to generate its income and it is a sensible move. Many experts have given the ideas to the company including tipping, subscription-based access to Twitter’s tweets, which means that the users will have to pay a subscription first to tweet on different types of posts. Twitter has more than a billion monthly active users and it is assumed that Twitter will generate a lot of revenue through a subscription that can replicate its advertisement revenue.

Twitter has refused to provide complete details about the experiments the company is working on, obviously, it will be too early to make an announcement before the company chooses an idea. This is still at the initial stage; the company may change its plans in the future too. Many people know by the way that Twitter’s main interest is in paid features as the company made a survey in the last year that what kind of option its users are ready to pay like custom colors, profile badges, auto-reply, or an undo send. The company also asked its brands to choose an option like the ability to make a brand survey on this platform.

Jack Dorsey said to the investors in the last year that they will test the subscription because the subscription is important because there is a world where commerce is complementary. He further said that subscriptions should be complementary for helping people. He also commented about the experiment that he has a small team who is working on such ideas, and he is also recruiting more people so as to perform the better task. Because more creative people mean more creative ideas. Twitter also posted a job of making a subscription platform. Many people applied for this posted job.

Bloomberg’s report said that the subscription plans are code-named Rogue One and another idea is Tipping for the selected content. However, the CFO of Twitter said that these ideas would not affect the revenue generation of the company in the shorter-term. Twitter could monetize its newsletter platform which is launched on the web in which people will have to pay in the form of a tip before reading the newsletter. The company is further testing some other models of monetizing its content to generate more revenue. However, these ideas are only in the development stage and may not get the desired revenue in the beginning, but they may lead to great success in the future.

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