Along with helping to defeat the Coronavirus, Facebook has also taken strict actions against groups and accounts who are spreading misinformation related to the vaccine non-stop

We all witnessed something last year which we never thought we would. The many horror stories that COVID-19 brought with itself, they all just can’t be penned down altogether. Healthcare workers from every corner of the world worked and are still working tirelessly to come up with a solution against this deadly disease and to fight this pandemic for once and for all. The only thing which helped with the spread of this virus and even controlling it to some extent was the making and launching of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was made available for everyone earlier this year.

All things aside, people who want to still create drama over something as serious as this will succeed in their mission no matter what. On major social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, misinformation about the vaccine took place at a huge pace.

Facebook earlier this week announced that in order to stop the spread of misinformation of things, it is coming up with the largest worldwide campaign to help health organizations to share correct information about the vaccines and also motivate people to get the vaccine done as soon as they are available to them. Similarly to how Facebook helped people to know information about the location of voting for the US elections, the company believes that this will help with finding availability of the vaccine more easily to people who want to get it done.

Facebook will be rolling out this feature in the US in the coming week. To stop the spread of wrong information Facebook has removed and even banned certain groups who are repeatedly spreading wrong information and has also said that it will permanently remove those accounts and groups that are in any way getting involved with this crime.

The fact that Facebook has surged its services as much as it could with this pandemic is not a secret to anyone. Facebook has been updating its users with all the recent information related to this deadly disease and for months has taken on with this initiative about encouraging people to take the vaccine and not fall into the prey of the people trying to spread misinformation related to this.

Facebook got more than 50 million responses on a survey it conducted related to COVID-19 last year in collaboration with two US universities. Facebook even appointed people to take charge of the related posts and fist approve the posts related to the virus before posting.

Facebook has removed information that was false from its site with the help of WHO.

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