Twitter Update Informs Users About iOS 14 Policy, And How Users Will Be Affected

Twitter's Business team has recently published a blog post, highlighted how Apple’s upcoming IDFA policies will impact advertising on the platform, attempting to keep users up-to-date with relevant information regarding the matter.

It honestly is rather easy to forget the presence of other applications, and how they will be impacted by the new iOS 14 and its policy revamps, especially when most of the spotlight is being hogged by Facebook. The social network has been very, very vocal about its opposition to new IDFA regulations, actively criticizing Apple, taking out full-page adverts to raise dissent against the company, and even testing a new prompt urging users to sidestep the new regulations. While this bitter spat between the two companies continues (Facebook does have a lot riding on targeted ad monetization), it's rather easy to forget that the likes of Twitter also rely on advertising for their revenue, if to a comparatively lesser extent.

But what is the IDFA policy update? IDFAs, also referred to as Identifiers For Advertising, are device tools that third-party apps can rely on for user information utilized in providing targeted ads. The recent iOS 14 has come with the App Tracking/Transparency feature, a lauded move that allows users to easily and quickly opt out of sharing any sort of personal data, harmless or otherwise, with these apps. The choice is provided to users via active prompts, in an easy-to-access interface that doesn't require hours to digging if a user wishes to forego information sharing. While Apple's community's certainly happy with the change, advertisement-heavy avenues such as Facebook have had much to say on the matter. But enough about Zuckerberg's petulant arguments against ATT. Let's discuss Twitter.

The Business blog post highlights that there is much more information about Tracking/Transparency that has yet to be revealed to users. Yet, Twitter actively affirms its support in Apple's provision of active choice to users in the matter of how their online image is utilized, and goes on to establish that the platform will work in conjunction with the SKAdNetwrok, Apple's own advertising service, in order to ensure that regulations are followed through and through. While informing advertisers that their revenue streams on Twitter will not be majorly affected by the ATT changes, the company will keep users informed as soon as further information rolls out that could have an adverse effect. All in all, a much more graceful and professional answer as compared to Facebook's unnecessary ravings.

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