Snapchat Introduces a New Feature to Sort Out Friends

Has it ever happened to you that while scrolling through your friend or follower list you pass through certain names, about whom you have no idea who these people are, or people you once were close with and have no contact now, and you do not want them on your list.

Sometimes sorting through the friend list can be a hassle because a lot of us in the present generation have huge number of followings on social media and to sort people out from that alone is a task itself.

However, if your friend list game is strong on Snapchat, and you are planning on removing a few faces from there, but procrastinating because of scrolling through so many friends then worry now because we have got some good news for you.

Snapchat is introducing a new feature for its users, called the “Friend Check Up.” People you have on Snapchat have access to your stories and your location as well if you have your Snap Map enabled. However, Snapchat knows not everyone is your true friend and therefore through this feature it wants to make sure that you only have people you are comfortable with viewing your stories or knowing your location.

If users enable this feature it will help them in realizing they still have some people on their social that they do not know and will help them in removing them. The main purpose of this feature is to allow users to be able to feel safe online, with sharing their stories and information knowing that the only people accessible to it will be the people they have chosen to let in.

The feature is still not live and under testing. However, according to the company it is expected to release for all Android users in the coming weeks while the Apple users will have to wait a little more as the feature will release on iOS in the coming months.

Snapchat has a lot of new young users from this generation on their application and it is great to see such huge companies taking their users security and privacy under consideration and working towards making their application a safe, comfortable and fun place for everyone. While the feature has still not released, we certainly know that a lot of people will use and benefit from it and Snapchat’s hard work will not be wasted.

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