TikTok's new hub will teach business owners on how to effectively sell and promote their products on the app

It was reported earlier this year that TikTok has decided to launch in app online shopping for its users and has even partner shipped with Shopify for this plan. We all the know the popularity and success TikTok was able to attain in a very short amount of time. This step from TikTok will not only help with the ecommerce industry, but also will for sure help small business owners.

Now currently, a report says that TikTok is planning to launch a program that will help in showcasing various ecommerce options and for brand owners to promote their products on the platform. The program is right now being tested in limited regions. It plans to create more unique options for the sale of various products and isn’t backing down from its goal. TikTok will also be providing various tools that users can use to update their profiles, videos and life streams for these products.

It is basically working for a way to creatively make a platform for shop owners and brands to interact with influencers, content creators and advertisers. TikTok has been a platform for various content creators and influencers to kick start their careers and with this step, it is really smart move for these content creators to interact with people who want to promote their brands.

TikTok (as per MattNavarra) for this program even has a training center to help people properly user their tools for their products. The program will educate the business owners on the policies and the latest updates from the app. As of now, there are only two ways to sell products on the app, the first one is through the brands own TikTok page or through another TikTok account. The first options works in a way where the brand owners make videos and live streams linking down their websites and any possible customer clicks on that after viewing the videos and is directed to a page having all of the product information. The second option means that the account through which the brand is promoting their products through the platform has agreed to work together for this purpose.

TikTok is providing many ways through which people can sell and promote their products. Those who choose to sell their brand through their personal account on TikTok will get the chance to showcase their products separately on another TikTok page.

This is of course a very smart and good initiative taken by TikTok and only time will tell where this app goes further!

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