Google makes it easier for its users to share Android apps with other devices through Nearby share with a Google Play Store update

Guess what just became available for Android users? App sharing! With launching Nearby Share, Google eliminated the physically touch of two Android devices to share their content via Bluetooth. Nearby share is a clever feature that allowed you to share your links, photos and other content to another device of a friend or family member by using a simple Wi-Fi connection but now Google has planned an easier way out of this, you can now share you content and data by Nearby share with this latest Play Store update!

Announced in the last year, Google has been working day and night for this new feature to work out perfectly for its users. This new update that will allow users to share their data on apps through Play Store by using Nearby share has even become available to some.

Previously you would need a secure Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to share your data, but now you don’t need any such connection. You can simply just go on the Google Play Store, tap the three line menu option on the top corner, then on the ‘Share Apps’ menu, you will come across a ‘My Apps & Games” option, tap on that and that is how you will be able to select the app whose data you want to share and let the person you are sharing this with accept the incoming data. This is such a convenient and effective way of sharing your apps. Similar to Apple’s AirDrop. The page will also show a separate ‘Share’ tab, if it’s not visible to you wait for a few minutes as Play Store can take a little bit longer to get this feature on works after getting updated. Play Store will need your location in order to link you with the device you wish to share your app with.

The reason for this ‘Share’ tab is that it will give you an option of either to let your device ‘Receive’ or ’Send’ the app through Play Store. 9to5G spotted that the feature is on the works by Google starting from 2020 and has even tested this feature out with reporting that sharing your apps hasn’t been any quicker! However for this new version, the user must have the latest or at least the 24.0 version of Google Play Store.
H/T: 9to5Google.

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