The mobile apps which are owned by Facebook and Google are at the top of the list, even though other new apps have experienced record downloads

In the last few years, many new apps became much popular in public and received around a billion downloads including TikTok and Zoom. TikTok is a social media platform that has gained much popularity in the public, especially in the kids due to its content, and 15 seconds videos have become an addiction to many kids. But still, the apps which are owned by Facebook and Google are at the top of the list including WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and many other apps. One of the reasons is that Google is promoting its app while pre-installing its owned app like YouTube on Android devices, due to which many small rivals are accusing Google of not supporting a healthy competition in the market.

If we talk about the messaging app, almost all the persons using the mobile have WhatsApp on their device due to the reason that it is a very popular app and everybody knows that it is owned by Facebook, therefore, everybody prefers this app over other apps. According to statistics, 46% of the apps which has received the most downloads are owned by Google in the year 2021, therefore, the apps which are owned and controlled by Google are dominating, while 20% of the most used apps are owned by Facebook, whereas, the rest of the apps are owned by other companies like TikTok, Zoom, etc.

One of the reasons is the Goodwill of Google and Facebook and these two platforms are much-used platforms as Google has billions of active monthly users, similarly, Facebook has also billions of active users monthly, therefore, people prefer the apps owned by these two platforms.

Google and Facebook’s share of the top 15 mobile apps by reach in the US has increased in few years due to which their controlled apps are dominating other apps. Google and Facebook try to dominate the app economy, and through which get the attention of the people. According to a report, around 80 percent of the digital minutes of users are spent on mobile and 88 percent of those spent minutes are mostly within the apps.

Those apps having the properties towards mobile-only usage like social media platforms, messaging, and news, etc., is linked to Google and Facebook. Marketing apps where Google and Facebook are not very popular, like higher education, training, are mostly used on PCs and desktops. Therefore, these apps are at the top of the list.

In the past few years, in every 10 apps being used in the device of the users, around 8 apps are owned by Google and Facebook, including Google Maps, Facebook, Google search, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Spotify, Google Drive, etc.

These two giant tech companies have received some major accusations and lawsuits over dominating the market by some small rival companies.

Source: Axios.

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