TikTok Gets New Updates Relating To Ad Content As Well As Products On The Platform

TikTok has prepared a set of updates, revolving around the personalization of ad content relating to user accounts, as well as the addition of a new Products tab to the Favorites menu.

Matt Navarra's keen eye has been at it again, as the social media app researcher points out not one but two separate additions to the TikTok interface. Let's talk about the ad features first, shall we? The Privacy menu now has the addition of two new options, namely Personalization and Data, along with Ad Authorization. The latter is rather easy to comprehend, allowing creators on the platform to toggle on or off the usage of their TikToks in the form of ads on the platform. The former's requires a bit more delving into, since it essentially lead a to a sub-menu of it's own.

The personalization menu allows users to micromanage the ad content they receive. TikTok's community can now toggle on and off both targeted ads as well as ads relying on user data obtained from the app's partners. Finally, an Interests menu allows users to effectively manage what sort of ad content they're receiving by selecting and deselecting brand categories.

Overall these new ad tweaks go a long way towards giving users active agency in how their data is being utilized. The ability to control targeted ads being received is genuinely surprising from any social media outlet, and its addition to TikTok is a step in the right direction. Then again, the platform hasn't explicitly stated that it will stop partaking in user data, so there's still quite a way to go before the general community can start calling TikTok a safe haven from data harvesting.

The second feature has to do with TikTok's increasingly deep dive into the marketing world, as it adds a Products tab to the user Favorites menu. What this ultimately means is that users can now add certain products that they've enjoyed to the tab, allowing for an easily accessible, collective space for purchases. Ultimately, while there's not all too much that can be talked about with the feature, it's a clear symptom of TikTok gearing up to take on branded content moving forwards, and perhaps even offering competition to the likes of Instagram Shops (which is only fair, considering how the latter's Reels is doing the same to the former).
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