The Americas and Africa Have the Poorest Internet Service Despite it Being the Most Expensive

Today, having a stable internet connection is a must. However, when one pays a significant amount to get poor connectivity, the problem arises. Studies show that certain areas in the US must pay as much as $7 per megabit. And it turns out that the worst internet in the world is also quite expensive.

Surfshark fetched some interesting details from the Digital Quality of Life index and verified that the areas paying the most for the internet end up acquiring the poorest connections in terms of quality.

Oceania, Europe, and Asia happen to provide affordable internet connections that are impressive quality-wise. On the other hand, the connectivity in the Americas is the second-worst in the world despite the internet being fourth-most expensive. As for Africa, it ranks last when it comes to offering good-quality internet at an affordable price.

A person is expected to spend an average amount of $18,584.96 on the internet in their life. However, it’s highly likely that US residents would have to pay up to $32,400 over the span of a lifetime. On the other hand, this figure would go up to $50,680 for Nigerian residents, and that too for an internet connection that is poor in quality.

As per the Internet Affordability Index, 11.0 is the global average score. Oceania, Europe, and Asia’s respective scores are greater than the score in question. However, the Americas and Africa have only been able to attain scores of 0.06 and 0.03 respectively. What these numbers indicate is that nearly 15 out of every 20 countries are required to make efforts to improve their global average score.

Nigeria should put in 34 hours of work while Kenya must put in 14 hours of work for affording internet service. Moreover, several residents of countries in Central and South America have to work for up to 10 hours to access the internet. On the other hand, residents of the US, Canada, and Israel must only put in 52 minutes, 7 minutes, and 17 seconds of work respectively.
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