Major social media platforms bring new help programs to promote Eating Disorders Awareness

Every year, in February a National Eating Disorder Awareness (#NEDAwareness) week is commemorated to spread information among people regarding eating disorders to support the suffering ones.

At some point in life, approximately 9 percent of global population is struggling with eating issues that no one talks about. To bring this in a limelight, a specific week is acknowledged to educate people on how they can help to save someone in need. Usually, the cause of this eating disorder is related to malnutrition or more severe circumstances. Moreover, social media plays a significant role in stressing younger generations over certain body types and promoting comparison. Regardless of the positive things to look for on social media, young individuals are becoming a target of such post that promotes factionalism. Big platforms are Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are on the top of the list in this concern.

As a solution to this problem, these platforms are coming up with strong initiatives in #NEDAwareness week to aid any user who might be dealing with such issues. How this is going to work is when people search for content relevant to eating disorder rehabilitation, they will be provided with the links that direct them to services organizations have created with the help of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Instagram has announced that from today they have inserted a new collection of services in order to help people regarding eating disorders or appearance anxiety.

This new update will also appear when someone shares content related to eating disorders. It also allows people to get help from their friends. And to further make this update effective, Instagram will be hiding the content that might trigger someone with an eating disorder. Lastly, to encourage health positivity, Instagram is collaborating with influencers to share reels that embrace healthy body types.

On the other hand, Pinterest is working to introduce a collection of story pins in association with the National Eating Disorders Association intended to raise awareness and direct the people with support connections.

Lastly, none other than TikTok also joined hands with the National Eating Disorders Association to add up new connection resources that are designed to guide those who are facing problems in accepting their own body version. The new tools will appear in the related search queries.

Overall, nowadays eating disorders are causing serious problems especially in younger generation as they get easily influenced. Making them realize to change their perception is needed the most. Any step that can lead to positive thinking contribute majorly in resolving this issue. As for now, these initiative tools are all set to promote awareness.

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