Google Pixel Phone Crash Detection Feature Saves a Life

Mobile phones and smart watches are known to provide you some medical assistance, like calculating your pulse rate or how many steps you have taken in a day in case you want to focus on fitness or simply hold a count of your nutrient intake, but have you ever heard a smart phone saving a life? No? Then you are about to.

Recently a man from Missouri named Chuck Walker updated on Reddit how his smartphone saved his life. Chuck owns a Google Pixel Smartphone, Google Pixel 4 XL to be more precise. The Google Pixel range has a car crash detection feature and this story is about how that feature saved him when he encountered an accident while driving a commercial vehicle.

Chuck Walker was in his private property operating a Bobcat loader when he lost control and the vehicle went into frenzy and overturned, his cell phone fell out of reach during this course of action and he lost consciousness. The thing with the Pixel phone is that it detects an accident using the sensory boards on the phone when the system undergoes a high impacted activity. Once the system triggers and feels like there may be a possible occurrence of an accident it sounds the alarm, vibrates the device and asks if you want to reach out to the emergency department. So while in Chucks case when the phone fell out and triggered the emergency response, Chuck was unconscious and could now respond. Hence the mobile phone’s smart technology reached out to the emergency department itself. When after a few minutes Chuck regained consciousness the emergency team was on the line and he explained his situation to them and within minutes the team was on the location for his rescue.

Thankfully, Chuck did not acquire any fatal injuries. He had sustained a few broken ribs and damage to his spinal cord. The injuries could have been more serious if the team had not reached on time and could ultimately be fatal as well considering the main and emergency doors of the loader were blocked due to the accident and no one was around at the time. If he did not have his phone with him at the point of accident, things could have turned bad for him.

Google had introduced this Car Crash Detection Feature a few years ago, initially in the Pixel 4 but later on introduced them into other pixel devices as well. It gets triggers by high impact forces and when it feels something is wrong, it asks you if you want to call the emergency department and when you do not respond it does it itself similar to Chucks Case. However, luckily Chuck did regain consciousness and was able to talk to the emergency worker via his Bluetooth earbuds but in some cases it does not happen because the person may be completely blacked out. In such cases this feature sends your location and details to the emergency department itself. According to Google this feature is disabled by default because it can get triggered by any kind of impact and therefore you have to enable it yourself. Safe to say that if you own a Google Pixel phone it is better if you enable this feature.

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