Starlink Internet Speeds to Double in 2021, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been climbing rather rapidly in terms of his influence within the tech industry as well as the world in general. His biggest company right now apart from Tesla, and the company that is receiving the most good press these days, is SpaceX, and while the main focus of this company has more to do with space exploration rather than anything else, another thing that the company is known for is the fact that it is operating the world’s first satellite based internet service, Starlink.

While only a few people have currently used this internet service, when it finally gets deployed for global use the end result will be that anyone anywhere will be able to gain access to lightning fast internet. Elon Musk has already stated that thanks to the satellites being launched by SpaceX Starlink might just end up becoming accessible worldwide later in 2021, but another thing that Musk recently announced that the maximum possible speed that people will be able to end up gaining access to once they start using Starlink is going to double from the already very impressive 150 MB/S to an almost impossible to imagine 300 MB/S.

Musk has long term plans to turn Starlink into a communication platform that can be used to communicate with Mars in the hopes that a human colony can be established on Mars at some point in the future. Hence, it makes sense that Musk is currently trying to spread awareness about just how fast Starlink is going to become. Whether or not we get to see Starlink become globally accessible remains to be seen, but if this does end up happening it will result in a massive paradigm shift where everyone would get the chance to start using the internet at the fastest possible speeds.

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