Consumers have shifted from big-screens to mobile, the time spent on video streaming apps hit 935 billion hours in the year 2020

During to COVID-19 situation, people have spent most of their time in video streaming. From 10 years old kid to 60 years old person, everybody wants to watch videos because it provides more entertainment than any other thing especially when you are able to watch videos anywhere on mobile. Therefore, many people have migrated from broadcast TV to mobile video streaming. One of the main reasons is because people want to watch such videos which are according to their choices, but you cannot do it so on TV. App-based videos have also given a major rise to this trend, for instance, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, and YouTube, etc.

Global mobile consumer streaming has increased up to 65 percent just in two years, however, only in the year 2020, as per AppAnnie, there was an increase of 40 percent which is around 935 billion hours spent on video streaming. People want to see different forms of content on mobile which may not be available sometimes on TV, it is assumed that American people have spent 8 percent more time on mobile videos than watching live TV in a day because of the content of video streaming apps.

Many big names of media companies cannot deny the power of mobile streaming as NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV has generated around 10 million downloads in just fourteen days. Disney+ has also become a very famous entertainment app especially in the US for the year 2020 and secondly in the UK, then Germany, and Australia. People are even ready to pay a subscription for their videos as Disney has around 87 million subscribers in the year 2020, and it can further increase up to 260 million in the next three years.

YouTube does not need any introduction because it is one of the most used apps anywhere in the world except China. Russians streamed around 31 hours in a month on YouTube. South Korea streamed around 37.9 hours on YouTube in a month if we make a comparison of Netflix with 8.4 hours.

TikTok app has broken many records as it has also become the most used app in the world besides major allegations on it. Many youngsters spent an hour or two daily making and watching TikTok videos on mobile. 15 seconds videos have become a trend now. Despite many threats to the TikTok app during the period of Trump’s administration, in the US, people spent around 22 hours per month on this app during the year 2020 comparing it with Netflix were spent around 5.7 hours per month. However, the percentage of Netflix apps on iPhone users has become doubled in the year 2020.

Another participant of the video streaming app is Twitch as it was a top 5 break-out video streaming apps in the US, Germany, France, Argentina, Russia, Canada, and Turkey.

No one can deny the fastest growth of mobile video streaming, according to a report a normal person spends almost 9.5 GB of data, and 60 percent on video content in a month. This percentage will further increase up to 74 percent in the next three years.
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