iPhone is at top of the of list best-selling smartphone in the world according to the stats of Q4 2020

Apple company has maintained its standard not only in privacy but also in the performance of the phone, therefore this smartphone has not become a status symbol for people. Despite high prices of this smartphone brand, the sale of this phone is increasing day by day and this smartphone has reached to number 1 spot in best-selling smartphone in the world according to the statistics of Q4 of the year 2020. Experts say that when the Apple company announced that its latest model iPhone 12 will support 5-G wireless data standards, people become so excited to buy that phone which significantly increased its sale all over the world.

Apple company since its launch due to high prices could not maintain the first position up to the year 2020 since the launching of its smartphones, Samsung company was the greatest rival of iPhones which maintained the first position, however, iPhone 12 model changed all the scenario and boosted up the sales of iPhone in the last quarter of the year 2020, consequently, iPhone jumped up at the top position by selling 79,942.7 thousand units all over the world just in last quarter of the year 2020. Samsung gained the second position by selling 62,117 thousand units, Xiaomi has also made a great effort in maintaining the third position by selling 43,430.3 thousand units, OPPO got the 4th and Huawei was at 5th position with a sale of 34,315.7 thousand units. These figures are according to the report of Gartner.

Apple company was at the third position in the first quarter of the year 2020 with a market share of 14% and 40 million iPhone shipments across the world. Samsung was at the top of the list in the first quarter of the year 2020. Apple company improved its privacy standards in the upcoming smartphones and made it a trend, which was the turning point for this company. Everybody knows the smooth performance of the iPhone which no other brand can provide these are some reasons which increased the sale of iPhones according to the analysis of experts, for instance, Apple company has held more than 60% of the sale in the US.

According to the estimate of Gartner, Apple company sold almost 80 million units only in the fourth quarter of the year 2020 and increased its market share from 14% to 21% in the last three months of 2020. Samsung’s selling from quarter-to-quarter was decreased up to 12%, however, the selling percentage of iPhone was increased up to 15% from first to the fourth quarter.

Apple company has recorded sales of 100 billion dollars with 65.6 billion dollars were iPhones only. However, no other company could maintain the success like Apple company has maintained in just three months, other smartphones sales were declined up to 5.4% in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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