Google has finally updated the Gmail app with App Privacy labels

Good news for iOS users as Google, the multinational technology company quietly adds App privacy labels to the Gmail app on the Apple App Store. Gmail App Privacy disclosed that the app will be using the user’s location for Google listing user ID, user content and contacts as information to be shared with a third party. After YouTube, Gmail becomes the company’s second most used app to get a privacy label. Google has been a little late with adding these privacy labels because Apple has been executing their App Privacy labels since December of last year. As said by Apple, that it is the responsibility of the app developers to add privacy labels in their apps, this allows the users to know how much data that particular app is collecting from them.

The Gmail app was showing some warning notifications that the app was not getting any security updates and it had been two months since then that Google finally took this step, Google in response to this said that privacy labels will only be added to an app when the updates are available bug free, that means that Google’s iOS apps get updated when the new features can get launched without any bugs.

12 of Google Apps from Google are displaying these privacy labels. These apps include Google Play Movies and TV, Google Fiber, Fiber TV, Google Translate, Google Authenticator, Google Classroom, Google Smart Lock, Onduo for Diabetes, Project Baseline, Stadia, Wear OS and Motion Stills.

The new App Privacy labels for the app can be seen under the page listings in the app that includes these details. They also show the type of data that is collected and the maximum strength as to how far the app will go to collect your data; this is of course to only happen when the user fully uses the app and its services. Now what good can possibly come out of an app collecting your data? Well this can help you to get a smooth and hindrance free user experience by Google and of course if you are not comfortable the app has always and will continue to allow you to change these privacy settings by going into you Google Account or directly through Google Products. This all was mentioned in the blog posted by the company itself.

It was announced in early January by Google that the App Privacy labels will get added into the apps in the coming month only but by January 20, no such apps were seen to get updated with these Privacy labels. This much awaited update was finally made by Google as many were wondering why it is taking for a tech giant company like Google so long to get done with this.

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