Reddit has revamped its design for its Android users giving it a more sophisticated and simpler look

Reddit is a discussion website for news and web content rating. The members of this site submit their content including links, posts and images and the ones with the highest amount of votes gets put up for discussion. The site recently revamped their whole design for Android users with exciting new features and that is why we are here to tell you exactly about that!

Reddit has given its site a simplified and sophisticated look overall. This new design was available to iOS and mobile web users from last year but Reddit has now made this version available for Android users as well starting from February of 2021. The design consists of more prominent icons and well thought colours giving it a whole another look while also removing unnecessary tools and information that was making the overall site look very crowded.

The Daily Digest mails of Reddit have been given the touch of more information about other posts and images as well as the informational page for Reddit premium users can also be seen with new features and even custom built application icons!

The icons on the web as mentioned have been made more prominent and clear and Reddit is still testing out new designs for those with about 10% of web users at one time, it is also testing its new variants of its designs with 5 % of Android users per test and then will make some changes based on the results and feedbacks from those tests. Reddit has even opened a space where it is allowing its Android and iOS users to share about their experiences with the new design.

When announcing this, Reddit also told a little more about the changes its making with the notification bar. They said that previously the viewers and members would only see the content recommended by the creators but now, they want to add more engagement within the site between communities and will inform you about the number of posts and content you’ve received from one community, this will help them know which community is working the best and will also help them to improve the other ones. All of these changes will not be made overnight but slowly and in control.

Reddit creators also have a new feature where the members can get notification about the most trending topics and allowing them to browse through a much wider space and selection.

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