Reddit’s Recent Transparency Report Shows Substantial Harassment Problems

Reddit’s transparency report for the year 2020 is here and the number of content removed government-related queries and organizational management actions. Used by millions of people daily, the largest amount of data removed is due to spam content. Lawful content removal and unauthorized use of information were visibly fewer in numbers including online piracy and scam-related issues.

According to the report out of 3.4 billion, which is 300% more compared to the year before — content items produced on Reddit, which includes comments, images, and posts — 233 million was taken down. Moreover out of that 233 million content, 131 million was automatically removed via the AutoMod system and 13.6 million was deleted on users’ requests received by subreddit moderators.

The rest 85 million were eradicated by the Reddit admins, almost all of these were malware and scandalous content like brigading and astroturfing, with the addition of harassment, hate, and sexualization, violent speech, doxing, etc.

According to Reddit they have a policy that consists of immediate removal of any infringing material from the Services and for the termination, in appropriate circumstances, of users of our Services who are repeat infringers,”

92% of private messages were deleted, which mostly consisted of hate speech, violence, and sexual harassment. Hate speech being banned the most; the number of accounts permanently banned just for hate speech has doubled in 2020 as compared to 2019’s all reasons combined. 303 users and 514 subreddits were banned because of Reddit's repeat infringer policy

About 200 government requests to remove content were received that too related to just 5000 items. Nearly half a million were about copyright claims which are more than double compared to the previous year. Digital Millennium Copyright Act counter-notices and requests to delete or remove things were in small numbers. 753 subreddits had their access blocked from Pakistan due to strict anti-obscenity laws. 143 people sent counter-notices due to their content being removed without logic.

Law authorization came to Reddit multiple times for client data, 50% from a year ago, and the organization allowed 424 of those solicitations. These are generally summoned court requests and court orders.

In the year 2017, the maximum number of contents removed by Reddit due to copy right complaints was 4352 and in 2020 with an immense rise, it was more than 86 thousand complaints.

With everything taken into account, copyright takedowns just outcome in a little part of all substance that is eliminated from Reddit. Altogether, Reddit administrators and mediators eliminated more than 225 million bits of substance for an assortment of reasons.
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