New Google App Voice Tests Suggest Assistant Won’t Be Replacing Voice Search Anytime Soon

For better or for worse, Google has been trying rather hard to make sure that it has bundled up as many of its features as possible. This is being done because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up taking some of the older offerings that Google has incorporated into its services and mixing them up with new and advanced programs and features so that some kind of optimal user experience can be obtained.

One old school Google feature that has not been going away for some reason is Voice Search. It was widely speculated that Voice Search, which is the feature that gets activated for Google searches when you utter phrases such as “OK Google” and the like, would be discontinued in favor of Google Assistant. After all, Google Assistant is a voice activated feature that is far richer in terms of its features, so it just seemed to make sense that Google would want to do away with Voice Search since it has been streamlining virtually every single part of its product line in a lot of different ways.

However, Voice Search has continued to function. In fact, Google has added a few new features to it such as the “Hum to Search” option. Another sign that Voice Search might not be going away is a number of other tests that are being conducted to figure out where the app can go. It does seem strange and rather uncharacteristic for Google to offer two different voice activated programs or features, but this does seem to the route that the company seems to be taking. This will definitely be a pleasant surprise for people that are used to Voice Search and might not be willing to switch over to Google Assistant just yet.

H/T: 9to5Google.

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