DoubleVerify releases a report that marks the effects many horrific incidents from last year caused all around

Last year in 2020 the world witnessed many challenges that were completely unimaginable. Out of the many things which we never thought we will have to experience was living in a global pandemic. COVID-19 did a lot to completely change our lives, some for the best and some for the worst. Many brands had to spend more than usual for their advertisements as people relied more on online shopping and couldn’t go out because of the lockdown. Other historic things that everyone had to witness altogether were the 2020 US elections, the war between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement to finally implant a racial justice all over the country.

All of these events shaked things up on a larger bit and had something going on for all of us. According to the annual report released by DoubleVerify, in November of 2020 during the presidential US elections, deceptive and destructive information was distributed around a lot. The percentage of which rose to 83% from 2019 meaning that the different sites and platforms who took part on spreading these false news earned twice as much than they did in November of 2019.

DoubleVerify releases information like these to help brands cope up with their losses and also protect themselves for being listed among the brands that spread harmful content. Such precautions have to be taken for 2021 as well and this will also include promoting and creating healthy content not only for the company but also for a healthy and toxic free overall environment as well.

DoubleVerify has also reported that the two months that followed the death of George Floyd by two police officers in the mid of 2020, content involving hate speech and diversity tripled when as compared to the previous year. This content was shared by many all around the world as they stood like a force against the unjust system. The height that escalated with this hate speech was on June 17, the day after the Atlanta Police Department fired Garret Rolfe for firing a bullet at Rayshard Brooks outside Wendy’s.

After witnessing so many of these bad incidents, November of 2020 also marked good ones too that will be remembered for ever, on 9th November BioNTech and Pfizer announced that their new COVID vaccines were more than 90 percent effective after testing them out during a clinical trial, but this resulted in increase of vaccine-related disinformation to about 400% that induced panic among people.

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