Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Which Android Smartphone Manufacturer aggressively kill background apps to save battery life?

Samsung is world-renowned company with a variety of Android devices that it has launched in the last decade, the Android 11 based one UI 3.1 update with various features and its design improvements to its expensive devices like Galaxy S20, Note 20, Fold 2, Z Flip is also the best job Samsung has done. The Don’tKillMyApp is an independent website that deals with the ranking of Android OEMs based on how well or worst they can handle the background management of apps, has ranked Samsung on the top of the list. After this, the company has become the worst offender since it has launched the update of Android 11-based one UI 3.1 update to its expensive galaxy devices. Most Samsung smartphones stop the apps working in the background by default until you reject the apps from battery optimization.

If you are facing any problem in which your important apps are getting killed in the Galaxy device, you can go to the setting of apps, and then you have to click on the apps which you do not want to be removed in the background, now you go to the battery optimization, then select your app from the list given, click on it and choose the option of don’t optimize. Google warned all the smartphone brands to deal with the issue of killing background important apps, but it looks like no brand is following the rules, as a result, user see that their background apps are getting closed unexpectedly. However, there are some health apps that needs to collect sensor data also lose their ability to gather it because of getting killed in the background.

For many years, Android smartphone makers like Nokia, HTC and Sony were at the bottom of the list (which means they prefer apps functionality over battery life), however, Xiaomi has made some major changes in its Android devices to put it on top of the list in the ranking. Asus, Oppo is improving their rank in the list, and OnePlus is on a second number and Huawei on third. Samsung has secured its rank in the first number in killing background apps working which it has made in the update of Android 11. The changes have been considered as a severe discrepancy from Android process management policies which can remove your background apps. However, the good thing is there is a workaround from which you can turn off the battery optimization.

However, if you have the expensive smartphone of Samsung with exorbitant RAM causing your background apps to be left alone, you can face these issues, then you need to switch off your battery optimization.

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