iPhone 12 Mini Sales Are Extremely Low As Consumers Don't Like Small Screens Anymore

Despite all the anticipation built around it, Apple's iPhone 12 mini’s sales in the US has disappointed the company as the phone managed to bring only five percent of the overall sales figure related to the newer models in the month of January.

While revealing the figures, industry data provider Counterpoint has also said that with such alarming sales, Apple may even stop the production of the mini version of its flagship phone.

The reason behind this loss is simple; people in recent times have made themselves used to the larger screens in order to enjoy more video content on-the-go and also to enjoy scrolling through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The news of Apple halting the production of the smaller iPhone 12 and 12 mini was also predicted by JP Morgan analyst William Yang through a note last week as he claimed that the adjustment is also well expected by the investors so there won’t be a negative surprise.

Unfortunately, when Apple was reached out for a response, no one among the company gave any answers.

The iPhone 12 mini came out last year as a surprising package. Apple had the aim to offer more of a flagship experience packed in a smaller device and at a lesser price to cover for the pandemic but consumers were just simply not interested. On the contrary, the sales for high-end iPhone 12 Pro models and the older iPhone 11 models continued to reach new heights.

Furthermore, according to Counterpoint analyst Tom Kang, the news is pretty much in line with how trends are shifting in the global market. Screen sizes below 6.0" now comprise around 10 percent share of all the smartphones sold.

Apple also introduced the iPhone 12 lineup a few weeks later than usual last year and with the expansion in the number of models, along with a new flat design, the demand for an upgrade went up in China.

The company has also reported 60 billion in quarterly revenue last month coming from its iPhone models - and this figure alone has beaten a record which was set by the company itself three years ago.

H/T: Reuters.

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