Stanford Internet Observatory Asks Clubhouse to Review Data Security Protection

Clubhouse, which is an audio chatting application was launched in 2020, and as of this year it is soaring high in the clouds with new users joining the platform every day. The sudden popularity was gained along with the increasing user numbers globally when the Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev held a surprise discussion on the platform earlier this month.

However, as much popularity it gained, there were a few mishaps the company had to go through. Stanford Internet Observatory recently informed the company that the company contains security flaws due to which the user data is vulnerable and can be accessed by the Chinese government which is not safe for the users as well as is breach in the privacy. Upon this information, Clubhouse let the public know that the company had opted in favor of not making the app available in China and some users found a way to get access to the app in that region. Millions of users from China joined the app and discussed really crucial and sensitive topics related to Xinjiang detention camps and Hong Kong's National Security Law. Meanwhile, as of now their accounts were banned from triggering frustration and fears of government surveillance. The next step was to locate the company which stores all the backup data of that region and the Stanford Security Observatory found that a company called Agora is responsible for the backup information and could potentially also be the suspect in providing the information to the Chinese Government. However, Agora did not respond to any questions nor did it made any comment on the matter. Also, Cyberspace Administration of China, which regulates the country's internet did not respond to any of the calls that were addressed towards them.

Therefore, the company Clubhouse announced this week that they will be working towards reviewing its data protection practices and making it stronger. The Stanford Internet Observatory is helping Clubhouse in tying the loose ends in security where improvements could be made so that user data is safe and secured. According to Clubhouse, within the next seventy-two hours they will be making new and better changes in the applications to provide additional encryption and to block in order to prevent Clubhouse clients from ever transmitting pings to Chinese servers.

The company will have to take drastic measures, bring about new changes but all of this will be beneficial for the security as well as the privacy maintenance of the users on the app.

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