Analysis shows Apple has achieved a new milestone in 2020, there are now more than 100 million people globally who are wearing Apple Watch

Apple company has achieved many milestones so far that it has made more than a hundred million customers all over the world. Apple company has a strong fan following besides its expensive products, people are always ready to buy the latest product of an Apple company. Apple has launched not only mobile phones but also iPads, MacBook, and Apple Watches. It has launched digital watches which the people can benefit from while they are running or going for exercise, so they do not need to carry mobile their pockets, they simply can wear a watch on their wrist and can go to the track for jogging or can go to the gym.

According to the analysis of Neil Cybart at Above Avalon, when the Apple company released Apple watch series 6, Apple watches SE, and Apple fitness plus watch, people became so excited to buy these watches. Therefore, Apple company became successful to make more customers in the year 2020. Now currently, there are more than 100 million users of Apple watches all over the world. Apple did not achieve this target in just one day or one month. Apple Watch came into the market in April 2015 which means that 6 years have been passed. Apple company won the trust of its users in 6 years and this is not it still it is assumed that its customer can reach up to 150 million customers in the next two years because Apple company sold around 30 million watches to new customers which means that Apple is building more trust of people, therefore successful in getting more customers day by day. Only 10 percent of users already owned a watch, so they bought the latest version.

Apple company has made its own ecosystem of its products that it is assumed that almost 10 percent of iPhone users were wearing apple watch too in the year 2020. Many people like the Apple fitness plus watch in which you can check your blood pressure, your heartbeat, and your daily routine. The adoption of Apple products has become a trend in the US as compared to the whole world, almost 35 percent of the iPhone users were also wearing Apple watches in the year 2020. While this company has a billion users of iPhone and its watches are its fourth-largest product behind iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, it is said that the Apple watch can cross iPad in the next year.

Apple watches have the same ability to handle different types of task which iPhones and iPads can handle, which makes the users more excited to use it and make the technology more personal. Apple is considering more features like unlocking the iPhones with Apple watches in iOS 14.5 beta update.

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