Google Images Is Dropping Duplicate Search Results, Making User Experience Even Better

Has it ever happened to you that you are making a search on Google Images and one similar picture is appearing after every few pictures, and it gets annoying for you because you do not even like that certain picture because it is not what you want to use and you are searching for more relevant options.

Well, worry not! Because Google in November updated a feature in their Google Images which they announced very recently. Last year in November Google rolled out a Google Image Search algorithm which will reduce the consecutively appearing similar pictures on the Image search and replace it with something different but relevant to the search. So, back in November images that were ranking well and were on the top of the search may or may not be ranking the best now and images that were not on the top of the searches may be now, because their ranking must have improved because of this new algorithm. This was a much needed update considering while searching something a similar looking image appearing repetitively which we have no interest in can be very annoying.

Apart from this, Google also added another improvement to their Google Image Searches. You know how some words in the English Language have dual meaning, like how “orange” is a fruit, but a color too! And while searching some word that has dual personalities Google may not know what you actually want to search. To improve that Google on the top of the screen below the image search bar added a feature called “alternative meanings refinement boxes.” These boxes will show other relevant options related to your search and you can filter through the search you want to make just by clicking on the box. Google on this gave an example for the term “Jaguar.” The jaguar is an animal as well as a car, so when you search that term on the Google Image Search you will be shown both the options on the screen, but above it on the boxes you can click on the one you want to see more posts of and Google will do the job for you.

You must be wondering why Google is announcing this now! Well, it does not have a have some back story to it. Google tends to update minor changes and let the public know about it a couple months later. A tweeter on Twitter asked Danny Sullivan (a Googler), that whether or not this update was done in November and he himself confirmed the news.
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