Google’s John Mueller Makes Surprising Revelation About Discover Feed!

For quite a while now, internet users have been curious about whether updating Google’s web search algorithm affects Discover or not. To answer this question once and for all, Google’s own, John Mueller took responsibility.

And in a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that Google considers Discover as a component of search results. Therefore, Discover uses various same-quality algorithms.

And of course, this would mean that any adjustments made to Google’s web search algorithm would affect Discover.

While Google’s help document mentions that key updates may or may not impact Discover, Mueller’s reply puts the lid on all the talk pertaining to the ambiguity surrounding this matter.

Mueller revealed this information during January 22’s Google Search Central office hours stream. But how did the topic come up? Well, an SEO by the name, Chandan Kumar, stated that in instances of key updates affecting his referral traffic from search, he could also notice changes in the Discover traffic.

While addressing this concern and explaining the link between Search and Discover, Mueller noted that both web search and Discover use a variety of same quality algorithms. This is why it’s logical to expect changes in Discover once the web search algorithm undergoes an update. Mueller went as far as stating that Discover is a part of Google Search.

And why wouldn’t it be? After all, Google Discover extracts its content from the same index as Search. However, this isn’t the case with News and Shopping as they fetch their content using other methods.

Mueller’s answer must have come as a sigh of relief for SEOs and website owners since the relation between Discover and Search indicates that no extra effort is needed to port content from the search index to Discover.

To learn more, you can watch the following video (fast forward to 57:49 to watch the discussion on the relation between Search and Discover):

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