Facebook is still taking the financial benefits from the users who are involved in spreading the false information about the COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccination

Facebook is not following its rules and policies of making authentic news from its platform. there is a strong allegation on such a big social media platform for allowing its users to spread false news and information from its platform for the COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccine, which also includes some money-raising tools on Facebook pages. An investigation has been found which includes around 430 pages and followed by 45 million people who are using Facebook’s tools, and a fan subscription and spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. It is said that Facebook is not fulfilling its promise and its own rules which it has made last year that it will not take any type of financial benefit from the dissemination of fake news. However, the share of income of Facebook from the dissemination of false news is still not known and Facebook has not revealed it yet.

This research is made by the Bureau of Investigation Journalism, which has revealed that Facebook has received a large amount from the monetization of misinformation about the vaccination of coronavirus.

However, Facebook’s spokesperson has said that they are taking some strong actions against the pages involved in the violation of policies. He further added that many pages which have the allegation of dissemination of false news have not violated our rules yet. These suspicious pages include sites for comedians and many religious personalities, and a large number of health sites that teaches yoga and health tips, etc. Only a few are involved in the spread of fake news to a limited audience, whereas, others are giving useful tips to a large audience, in seven languages including German, Polish, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Facebook wants to create and maintain its monopoly. The investigating report further showed that more than 260 pages have spread false news about coronavirus and its vaccine, it is such a shame for the platform that more than 20 pages have Facebook’s verification tick which means that they are authenticated by Facebook.

The executive director of the first draft has said that Facebook by hook or by crook wants to allow its users to take benefit from its platform instead of other platforms. Facebook is getting some illegal benefits from monetization tools.

In the month of November 2020, Facebook, Google, and Twitter agreed that they will make no profit from the spread of information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Facebook’s spokesperson said that those pages which are violating our policies continuously are removed from our platform. Further, he said that we have removed around 12 million pages that had the misinformation about COVID-19. The investigation report further writes that these pages are even directing their followers to spread such extreme content from this social media platform.

Some pages and groups are using Facebook’s platform for fund-raising and donations from more than 44,000 followers, and at least two posts are flagged by fact-checkers. Facebook must now take some strong actions against the pages and group which are negatively using their platform for spreading misinformation because it will damage the reputation of Facebook. Facebook should stop taking financial benefits from such kind of monetization.

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