Google is reportedly testing out a new feature for Play Store which will automatically sort out all the games installed into one folder

With Google always working on new things to make its features comfortable for use of its consumers how can it forget about the Google Play games app? It has been reported recently that google is working on a new feature for Google play that will allow the users to neatly assemble all installed games from home screen into one separate folder for easy use. The code for this feature was spotted by XDA developers during an APK breakdown of the Google Play app's latest version (i.e.: 2021.01.24213).

Android devices do allow their users to assemble anything into one or two folders according to their likings but if this feature works out, the google play games app will automatically put all the installed games of the device into one folder to give easy access. Along with putting all the games into one neat folder the feature also adds one more thing for convenience, the sorting of the games is dropped into three categories, based on ‘alphabets’, ‘recently played’ and ‘recently updated’. The user can sort the games based on any one of these categories and according to their personal preferences. We all can agree to it when we say that sorted out organized lists related to anything help out a lot.

Even though this feature doesn’t seem as big of an update, but in the end the only thing that matters is convenience. Everyone is always looking for convenience in every little thing. Difference between this feature and the one in which we assemble files into one folder manually is that with this feature the sorting comes pretty easily and that too automatically. If the user installs a game it has to manually add it to its folder but if this feature rolls out, the game installed will categorize itself in the games folder automatically.

XDA developers also spotted the icon for this games app folder during the breakdown. The icon will consist of a green circle with a white colored smaller circle in between and the apps game logo on the top. All these features of course make it a more convenient alternative to the ones we use at the moment.

Google is yet to pass any official announcement related to this but it is believed that since the code is already worked upon, it is only a matter of time before Google announces this officially in a few weeks, but it is also possible that the company might just be testing out these upgrades and might not actually plan to release it in the future.

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