Facebook Temporarily Blocked Many Users Because Of Glitches In Its Content Moderation System

Facebook is accidently blocking/banning a lot of individual users as well as business owner’s pages from past few weeks.

The world is running at a very fast pace with the modern technology, and some things being so advanced, and computer operated tend to glitch from time to time. Sometimes the glitches are minor and are immediately fixed and do not affect the general users while sometimes the glitches are huge, take time to fix and cause great losses to people.

The same happened with Facebook this previous week. The social media giant operates throughout the world and sometimes their system tends to cause problems. Recently, a lot of people started receiving notifications that some post or picture on their account violated the terms and conditions of Facebook, and they were blocked from posting anything for 24 hours. This created havoc among both the casual users as well as business owners on Facebook who were blocked because of some pretty lame reasons. A user on Facebook Lollie Colvin Houchins shared on her account to tell that how a post on her baking account from five years ago was labeled among the pictures that go against the Facebook Community Standards on Adult Sexual Solicitation, which was quite a shock for her because firstly the picture was from five years ago and secondly do you know what the picture was of? A picture of the duck shaped cookies she baked, which is rather stupid to block. Irfan Ahmad also faced a similar situation, where his personal account was banned for 24 hours form posting, which means he can't manage/post anything that's associated with his Facebook, including Facebook pages and Instagram, which at the end of the day means no business for him.

Apparently, this is an annoying issue in the Automated content moderation system which is run on Artificial Intelligence due to which several accounts were blocked from posting in the case of “explicit content” breaking the company’s policies. Online businesses which were blocked faced a lot of loss as their entire business is dependent on posting and interacting with the customers and when they were unable to post it was quite a hassle and loss for them. While the causal users who use the app as a general sense of entertainment were annoyed because they could not like, comment, share or simply post memes. Users, who reported the issue and informed Facebook that they disagree with this irritating ban, got an apology message from Facebook, which states that: "We're sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better."

The accounts were back on normal working after 24 hours with business back in working and users back to their lockdown scrolling. Glitches like these are natural and they do occur rarely. No matter how perfect a tech system is with a perfect AI, it is meant to cause a tiny bit of trouble because no machine will ever be perfect. It is great though that big companies take immediate actions in fixing the bugs that occur within their systems and try making their application a safe space for their users.

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  1. I was blocked from sharing everything yesterday. I found it very upsetting as I have never, ever been rude or inappropriate in my life, infact, I go out of my way to be as polite n kind as possible so to have aspersions cast upon my character I find this very, very insulting and incredibly upsetting. I would like to be given an apology and have my good name restored please as I consider the ban to be a direct slur upon me and my parents and in particular the way in which they brought me up.

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