Facebook's Oversight Board Reveals Its Broader Vision And Expects Other Social Media Platforms To Join It Soon

Although it’s been a little while since The Facebook Oversight Board started to operate but the company seems to be hopeful and is planning to go big through this new project.

The Oversight Board co-chair and former Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt shared a comprehensive overview of how the group will make it to the future during a chat with Carnegie Endowment this Thursday. Hence, as per what Helle has revealed, one can expect the Facebook Oversight Board to go above making policy decisions for Facebook only.

Besides that, the co-chair of the Board has also stated that if Facebook manages to make the project successful, they will be more than happy to see other social media platforms and tech companies being a part of the Oversight committee.

For now, the board has been successful in their mission was to stop making policy decisions in a “closed box” - which meant that the last person at Facebook and Twitter like Mark Zuckerberg or other directors of respective platforms had the final say. As the content moderation now takes place outside the companies, this indeed is a historic move for the internet.

Initially, a lot of people criticized the Oversight Board and also wanted to dismiss it considering its origins with Facebook. But the panel has always defended the project by assuring real autonomy and Facebook too, on the other hand, only refers the project as “Oversight Board” while ensuring that it has no reference or connections with Facebook.

Furthermore, Oversight Board Head of Communications Dex Hunter-Torricke, who has also spent four years in the Facebook executive communications team along with working as a speechwriter for both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, also revealed that this project consists of a model that might transform it into an institution which overall will have its influence on Facebook and possess the power to deal with the content moderation challenges. The board will only “evolve and grow” by dealing with the current moderation cases of Facebook.

There is no doubt in the fact that content moderation is a massive challenge for almost all of the online platforms, and to improve the matter, the Oversight Board also believes that a few highly consequential decisions are also required to be made by the companies themselves as well.

Facebook’s Oversight Board is currently deciding whether to reinstate the former President Donald Trump, whom the company removed in response to the violent mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol at the start of January, or not.

There are five board members evaluating Trump’s case out of 20 and their names have not come out yet. As soon as they decide something, the final call will be made by the broader board through a majority vote. The board’s verdict will at least take two months.

There is good news for Trump fans as the most prominent Trump critic in the Oversight Board, legal scholar Pamela Karlan, left the team to join the Biden administration last week so one can expect the verdict may turn out to be in Trump’s favor.

Also, the board is open to comments on the Trump case currently all for the sake of considering “diverse perspectives” before making the decision.

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