Google is reportedly testing out the infinite scrolling feature for mobile search results

Ever get annoyed when you search for something and when wanting to discover more about your searches clicking on the next page button was getting on your nerves? Well we might have some news for you regarding that because according to some reports, Google conducts around a dozens of experiments every day to test out new features to unleash for its users. Among these testing, unlimited scrolling on mobile search is also on the go!

Not a lot can be said about the year 2021, but one thing for sure is clear and that is that Google will be on the news all year round with it coming up with new features and launching and rolling them out for its users. Google is always trying to improve their users’ experience and is on the run with unique features for its main search engine and different related products as well.

Coming back to infinite scrolling! So how this will work? Simply, when you will search for something and scroll through the search results mostly at the end, instead of the next page numbers, a load icon will appear for a short period of time, along with new results. Which means that in order to see more of the search results you will just have to just swap up and you will be able to scroll as deep as you want. However little it may seem, we think this will mean a lot to people who have to submit research deadlines and assignments on a daily basis! As this will for sure save a lot of time as well which seems to be always short for many of us. While, for others it may result a bit of disappointment as some researchers would like to enjoy the same old interface where they've the freedom of choice to pick any page/number based on their need.

Google has still not confirmed about this feature, so that means, this feature is just on the testing phase, for now, but if everything goes smoothly, Google may roll out this feature for all, even if they don't like it much.

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