Google Photos to Launch New Video Editing and Premium Features for their Users

All the Tech Giants bring about powerful and advanced changes in their applications from time to time. The purpose of bringing upgrades is to keep up with the evolving technology that is advancing so fast. People now want applications that are easy to use and really quick to work on and therefore test applications that suit them best. Hence, all apps are on a mission to become the best.

Very recently a very cool feature was brought about my Google Photos for their Android phones. The Tech Giant previously introduced a video editing feature in its Google photos on an iOS. The editing feature will let you edit your video, its saturation and granulation just like you do in your photos, and after Apple the feature will now be introduced to the Android devices.

The update will introduce Android users on Google photos with more than 30 newly advanced features which will let them stabilize, apply filters, change perspective and crop videos, in a similar way they do with images. It will also allow you to change the brightness, saturation, and the warmth of your videos according your liking and preference.

The new video editing features for Google photos will be made available to the Android users in a few weeks.

Apart from this, the Tech Giant is also adding more premium photo editing features to their Google Photos which will be made available to the Google One subscribers only, features which were only available to pixel phones only. The features will allow you to portrait blur, portrait light, and color pop on your pictures through Google Photos and will easily be available on Android phones. Something very unique called the “super filters” will also be made available to the Google One Subscribers. This super filters will allow you to add complex edits through one tap only. You can add brightness and enhance your image from whichever part you like. If you are someone who is not a very techy person and has no experience with huge editing software’s, Google’s new Video editor and the photo editing software for Google One subscribers can be your savior as it is easy to use and gives out the best result.

It is great to see huge Tech Giants like Google taking steps in improving their features and providing the public with new and advanced tools every now and then. We cannot wait to see how well this feature will do on the Android devices and what else does Google for photos has in store for us!

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