YouTube’s Picture In Picture Mode Back In Your iOS And Third Party Browsers

If you own an iPhone or an iPad then there is a piece of good news for if spend a good amount of time  on YouTube, as the iOS users can now access the picture in picture (pip) mode while operating the recent iOS 14.5 beta, as per 9to5Google. Apple's iOS 14 permits users to watch YouTube videos as well as use or host other websites/apps in a small format, floating or moveable window, just by tapping the small icon on the top left of the screen. After a month it is back yet again. It has been reported that the recent change in the system-level code of Apple has cracked down the procedure used by YouTube in order to make the picture in picture feature vanish.

It was last seen working on the iOS14.0.1 update which was limited to only Apple's own Safari browser. But a few days ago the iOS beta update came and turns out it is reserved for the users of YouTube premium just like on the android phones before. But this time it will run on third-party browsers as well like Google chrome, Google’s Chrome extension, and Mozilla Firefox.

The Picture in picture feature is very much convenient for multitasking people but keeping it just for the benefit of the iPhone users. It was first seen by the journalist at 9to5Mac who disclosed the news.

To turn on the feature on iPhone the users will just need to open the Settings app on their iPhone, click on the general option, and from the displayed options tap the ‘picture in picture. But make sure that the start pip is automatically turned on and your phone supports the iOS 14 version. If not then you need to upgrade your phone. Also, make sure that the app in use also supports the picture in picture feature. You can browse the internet for further guidance on how to use the picture in picture mode. It is pretty easy and helpful for even beginners.

This development has been going on and off for quite a while now which had us wondering if this feature is back for good this time. Let us wait and watch how long this feature will remain this time.

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