Google Maps is finally rolling out the dark theme for Android users along with other new features, globally

The dark theme has been loved by every single one of us. Google has been rolling out this feature for some of its apps since 2019, it was testing the dark theme feature for Google Maps since September of 2020 and now this feature will finally soon get released for Android users globally! However same can’t be said for iOS users as Google hasn’t announced anything about this feature getting rolled out for those users.

Many people prefer the dark theme because of the less battery life it consumes and the reduced strain it causes to our eyes, if you notice almost everyone around you have dark modes switched on, on their smartphones. Google announced this feature along with announcing some other features that it will be launching as well that includes some custom wallpapers, updates to Android Auto and some new games as well that can be opened just from Google assistant.

The updates coming in for Android Auto will be including a split screen feature for Google Maps where users can use Google Maps side by side with their other applications. This will be very helpful for people who want to use their media along with using the Google Maps application as well. All of these are to become available for users who use Android 6 or above, and will get launched with Android 10.

To set the dark theme on for your Google Maps app, you’ll first get the notification about the new dark theme for maps, you’ll simply just have to head over to ‘Settings’ on Google Maps and click on the ‘Theme’ bar that will have the following options: ‘Always in light theme, Always in dark theme, Same as device theme’. You will even get the option to lower the lights of the application during navigation. If someone wishes to switch back to the light theme, one can always go back to the Theme bar on Settings and click on the ‘Always in Light Theme’ option.

Shortcuts like setting your home thermostat or getting quick information about the weather will be featured in Android Auto as well. Other features include Google Assistant commands over lock screen, Android’s ‘Autofill with Google’ warning users on their weak passwords and Android TalkBack will also be getting updates with new features and customization.

All of these above mentioned features to get launched soon look highly promising and we’ll see how this takes on the users! The new updates for Google Maps will for sure be a hit without any doubt!

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