Facebook is expanding its Shop feature in Canada and UK

Online shopping is what has become the new normal since Covid began; had there been no E-commerce shops, all of the businesses might have drowned. Online shops are lifesavers, I must say. From being non-existent to becoming a hot topic, Online shopping has attracted a huge number of customers from all over the globe. Statistics are proof itself that in 2018, 1.8 billion people purchased goods online, and Facebook seems to take advantage.

The giant social media company introduced the Facebook Shops in May last year that allows its users to set up free online shops on both Instagram and Facebook. Customers can do all in one; find products, discover new businesses, and shop on one platform. Back then, while testing this in the US, Instagram launched its complementary shopping destination called “Instagram Shop.”

The company has now announced that Facebook Shops will now also be available to UK and Canadian users. Not speaking much about its latest update, Facebook just shared a short update on its press release from August last year.

Moreover, Facebook Shop is not just limited to seeing products and placing the order, rather it allows the customers to connect with the businesses through Messenger, Instagram direct, or even Whatsapp for further inquiries and their concerns related to the products.

Introduced on 25th August last year in the U.S - the Facebook shop is now moving further afield. The new E-commerce tool of Facebook, along with letting the users set up a free online store will also provide free features customization options for the businesses that include cover images and colors for complementing your brands. You can now find the “Facebook Shops” feature either within the business’ Facebook page or on your Instagram profile. Also, they can be shown the customers throw adverts and stories, folks can also browse, save the product and even buy the product directly from the app.

The reports suggest that the “Facebook shops” started becoming available the day before yesterday but are yet to be available globally. Matt Navara; who is a famous social media expert, posted a tweet that said that Facebook enrolls its shops in his country.

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