Google Maps Will Permit You To Pay Parking And Transit Charges Via The App

Google Maps has added a new feature that will permit users to pay for parking or buy bus tickets or book an Uber through the app itself.

Google Maps have amalgamated with two mobile parking payment services namely Passport and ParkMobile, both of them permit you to find, pay for, and replenish parking meters or parking lot fees through the app. Now, these elements will also be available in Google Maps.

“Now the Maps users will be able to buy the fare, plan a trip and start riding without needing to go back and forth between apps”, Google Product Managers informed in a blog post.

According to the company, the service is available in more than 400 cities in the United States which includes cities like Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, and more, said Google. Android phone users will be able to use the feature first, with iPhone users to follow behind. The feature will have more than 80 transit agencies globally.

In some cities like San Francisco, users will be able to buy a digital Clipper card directly via Google Maps. After buying their fare, the user will just need to tap onto their phone on the reader or show their digital ticket.

The parking payment service was rolled out in Austin the previous year. And now due to the COVID’19 pandemic as said by Google Maps product manager Vishal Dutta and Google Pay’s Fausto Araujo, this feature will help pay for the marking without having to touch the meter which will also help in maintaining social distancing.

How it will work is pretty simple just when you open the app looking for directions, there will an option for purchasing tickets alongside results. But to use this service the users have to have a Google pay account that too connected to a credit or debit card in order to make a transaction.

The last update made by Google maps was their new transit crowdedness predictions, which allowed users to see how crowded their train; subway, or bus is going to be prior to heading out.

Other transportation apps have also made attempts like Uber and Lyft have started transit directions in their apps. People living in Denver, Colorado, can buy their train tickets via their Uber account. They are working on improving their algorithms to enhance their routes and schedules data.

The tech giant is ranked number one in making new updates, in December, for instance, Google added the ability for a verified business to message clients directly through the application, as more organizations depend on digital interactions to improve sales. Google also added an update in September that shows how predominant Covid is in a certain place.

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