Google Chrome Beta 89 version is now available with Web NFC, improved website information on mobile and more

Google announced that there is a new version of its internet browser; Chrome 89. If you are interested in finding the details about the new feature, you must check out all the detail on Chromium blog. Before the 89th version of the Beta was released; Google released the stable version of Chrome 88 last week.

Google is concerned about your privacy, so the very first feature, the update includes is called “Privacy Sandbox”, which gives its users a secured environment. It is quite is to find this new update. According to the reports: all you have to do is go to Settings, then click the option of Privacy and Security, and then you will find the option of “Privacy sandbox.”

The new Chromium project includes a few new features that might not get noticed by you as a user, in the first place, however, are quite useful for you- in the long-run. To minimize the gap and difference between the websites and the native apps; NFC API is a new webcam that allows web apps to read and write NFC tags. Now, the second feature would be a piece of great news for those who have an older controller and are interested in playing games like Stadia and Co. The new feature includes the WebHID API (human interface device) that will help out in the gamepad support. Last but not least: some of the desktop operating systems would be benefited by getting WebShare support on them. Additionally, new Web Authentication API features, a Web serial API, support for native AVIF image decoding, and many more features are also part of the updates feature.

It is expected for Chrome 89 to be stable till the beginning of March, only if Google strictly follows the schedule.

You will come across a few changes in the Discover feed on the new tab page. In Chrome 89, the Articles in the discover section will be separated by dividers with a slightly bigger title font. Also, you might observe that the description preview has been removed in the latest update. Google seems to remove teaser text as well, as they were too short to provide any helpful information. So, Google is appreciated for considering it better to remove the teaser text in this update. This allows more Articles to appear on the screen; at a time and is far more useful than the teaser texts.

This time when you press the “I” option, or the lock option in the address bar, you might observe something new and that is the new interface for the site popup; available on Android. The reports suggest that previously it gave you the following information: complete address and information about the page security, along with a list of granted permissions. However, the Chrome 89 include an addition to this; a new flag that will keep changing the designs of the popup.

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