Chrome 90 will be released with two new features; including the Tab scrolling option

Chrome is no doubt a king in browsers with more than 70 percent of all browser user share. The browsers’ activities were calculated by an analytics company, which issued a report that Chrome has been at the top of the browsers’ list for four years. Even it has major rivals like Microsoft’s edge to Mozilla’s Firefox. It just survived on single-digit share that put no threat to chrome users.

Chrome gets updates on a regular basis with some minor changes after every six weeks or more with some major changes. The development process is divided between different types of release channels, working on a build in a separate development stage. Basically, Google Chrome provides four channels that are Beta, Dev, Stable, and Canary. Google is planning to launch its Chrome 90 version hopefully in the month of March.

Chrome 88 was released with the latest permission chip, and the company disabled all the installed cases of the extension. Whereas, chrome 89 was released that required the x86 processors with SSE3 support. Google said that it will shift from relying on the operating system’s built-in verification certificate to its own built implementation for chrome on all browser’s supported platforms.

The transition to a Chrome root store will come with the release of Chrome 90. The Chrome 90 will bring two new features currently under experimental section, as per TD. Firstly, if users want to check the latest and most popular Chrome features and tips and want to navigate all of them in a single page, Google has added an option for that named “Tips for Chrome’’. Interested users can get this feature by enabling this flag chrome://flags/#chrome-tips-in-main-menu, restart the browser and then they can go to 3-dot menu > HelpTips for Chrome to access it. The new addition in the Help tab will take users to this official Google Chrome support page.

The other feature which Chrome 90 will bring is the Tab Scrolling option which users can enable easily in the Chrome browser. For that all a user need in enable the Chrome Labs flag chrome://flags/#chrome-labs and then after restarting the browser, navigate to the Labs icon, right next to the profile icon in top right side. Open the Labs menu and enable the Tab Scrolling feature.

In our testing we find that Tab Scrolling is not working properly and it appears a bit broken as we were unable to scroll tabs like we did in 2020.

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