Twitter clarifies that it has not left behind its Android users, soon they will also be able to take part in Twitter Spaces

Twitter is basically a social media platform where people from all over the world use the text and visual formats to tweet. But now, Twitter is experimenting with something different where people will be able to send their audio through this platform named Twitter Spaces. It is actually an audio-based social network in which people from all over the world can join the private room to communicate with each other. But the thing is which is now creating a mess on the platform that this network is limited for only iOS users not now for android. Therefore, Twitter is getting a lot of negative response in the form of tweets that Twitter is not giving much priority to its android users, therefore, it has created and launched the Twitter Space for iOS user six weeks ago. No android is allowed to join such a room even after getting the invitation. Android users are getting angry at such action on Twitter.

However, Twitter has a big number of Android users as well, that’s why it does not want to lose them all. Twitter Spaces has made a tweet to its android users that you are still our same priority as iOS users are. Therefore, the social network and its engineers have not forgotten you. Soon, they will launch the Twitter Spaces for Android where the they will be able to join private rooms and can send audio messages to each other just like on WhatsApp where you can send audio messages.

This is not the first time Twitter is testing this audio-based network feature, but one must keep in mind that the Spaces aim to create a feature where the people in a group can speak together. Twitter Spaces is made in such a way that it has complete control over all the audio messages and the users who are speaking, if a participant is not comfortable or having a problem or want to report he can report to Space. This network is similar to Clubhouse, which is also an audio-based social network earlier this year which is much popular now. If it works well the 280-character limit will no longer bother you where you cannot express your complete views. A lot of people don’t tweet, with retweets and replies, it looks like a burden to them, but not now, they will be able now to join the conversation group and express their feelings at once.

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