Global Survey Reveals How Much Consumers Trust the Advertisements on Different Platforms, Including Social Media, TV, Blogs and Search Engines

To this date, the media world is steadily growing and developing. Advertising plays a huge role, no doubt and the reliability of these ads depends greatly on how they are presented to the audiences as well. YouGov, which is a British International internet based market research firm, conducted a survey from over 18,000 people in 17 countries and regions, and asked on how they find these different platforms of ads trustworthy according to their interests. The results had huge differences between the several European countries and the United States and high levels of reliability in country of Mexico and Asia Pacific where the media industry is still developing day by day.

The data revealed that the people in Britain didn’t find advertisements on websites and social media to be that trustworthy. Whereas the 53% of the people in the UK trust deeply in the ads presented on TV, 53% of the people put their trust on radio and 38 % trust the ancient ways of ads in cinemas and billboards.

Even though social media has always ruled the internet, the results show exactly the opposite. Not many people find ads on social media that reliable and thus that makes social media the least known platform for advertising. Through educational institutions, the level of engagement of the audience is very high, this could be because of the fact the many countries like India feel like education is a strong means for establishing a great future.

Talking about the results obtained from The United States, people’s trust in the field of advertising is restricted to television, radio and print only, which has always remained as one of the most noteworthy means for advertising in America. While many think that social media and websites are the place where everything can flourish, Americans prove them wrong as they actually get displeased by the ads on these social media apps.

Apart from UK and USA, other countries like Mexico, Indonesia, UAE and India have shown an upper hand on these media channels than any other country globally. Websites and media platforms which are not really liked and trusted by Americans and the people of UK have actually better values of reliability from a global perspective.

The survey was conducted online from 31st December, 2020 till the 15th of January, 2021.

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